Bartolomeo -Airbus -UNOOSA Project

On-job Training Grant

1.    Introduction

Uganda, Egypt and Kenya are partnering in the EKU-Climcam project, sponsored by the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) and Airbus. The objective of the project is to jointly build an earth observation camera system, for installation onboard the Bartolomeo module on the International Space Station.

The remote sensing camera will contribute to addressing climate change effects in East Africa, with special focus on flood monitoring and agricultural productivity. The camera system will take images of East Africa, focusing on regions that experience extreme weather events.

Development of such an earth observation camera system will serve as an opportunity for affordable- in-orbit technology demonstration.

A joint team will spend 9 months (starting March 2023) at the Egyptian Space Agency undergoing hands-on training, so as to design, build, test and validate the camera. This team will adopt lean approach to reduce the cost and time required for development.

2.    Eligibility

The training is intended for mechanical, software and hardware engineers or any related background to the above-mentioned disciplines.

Candidates should be young scientists employed in a Ugandan public university, such as teaching assistants.

It is not mandatory for the trainee to be familiar with satellite subsystems and their operations, since this is covered during the training process.

3. Funding

The training has been made possible through joint support by the Government of Uganda under the Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) Secretariat, The Egyptian Space Agency, UNOOSA and AIRBUS.

4. Application  procedure

Prospective candidates should fill and submit the application form on the following link before 27th January 2023

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