Aeronautics and Space Science

This bureau focuses on research, development, technology transfer, and commercialization of innovations in space exploration, earth observation systems such as satellites, and establishment of a National Aerospace Program. The following has so far been achieved:

  1. An Inter-Ministerial Committee on Uganda’s Aerospace Program chaired by the Minister for STI and consisting of Ministers of: Security; ICT & National Guidance; Education; Defense and Veteran Affairs; Works and Transport has been formed.
  2. A Technical Taskforce consisting of officers from the above Ministries and specific Agencies has been formed to draft the Framework for the National Aerospace Program.
  3. We have mobilized close to 20 Ugandan experts (including 8 PhDs) with expertise in astrophysics, aeronautics and space science resident in the country into a National Aerospace Think Tank.
  4. Through partnership with Japan in the BIRDS-5 programme, Uganda has developed her first satellite, PearlAfricaSat-1. On 10th May 2022, the satellite was handed over to the Japanese Space Agency for final testing, and passed all tests. Consequently, it was handed over to NASA and is scheduled for launch into space from the International Space Station on October 28, 2022.
  5. STI working with NEC on the establishment of an Earth Ground Station at Mpoma, Mukono to serve as a command and receiving center for data from our satellite. This data will be used to develop innovative earth observation products and services for example, weather monitoring and forecasting, security, environmental monitoring, urban planning, mineral exploration, disaster management planning, epidemic prediction, etc.

We are exploring international collaborations with other technology partners for technology transfer and capacity building.