Industry 4.0+

Industry 4.0+ is focusing on the digital transformation of manufacturing/production and related industries and value creation processes. This includes research, development, technology transfer, and commercialization of innovations in electronics, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, robotics, big data and analytics, Internet of things, additive manufacturing, nanotechnology etc. The following have been achieved:

  1. We have established a Think Tank that draws experts from major players in the Industry 4.0+ ecosystem: the private sector, universities, innovation hubs, and MDAs.
  2. The Think Tank has developed a strategy for localization and commercialization of Industry 4.0+ products. One of the components identified as an epicenter, anchored in the private sector, is local design and manufacture of electronics across the entire value chain (Mineral beneficiation, inputs design and manufacturing including computer chips, Product R&D, and Original Equipment Manufacturing). We plan to open the epicenter in January 2023.
  3. We are currently supporting projects on local manufacture of smart remote control and monitoring meters for solar water pumps and grid-tied and off-grid energy sources, affordable plug-and-play computers, and baby incubators. Furthermore, we are supporting projects developing Artificial Intelligence for screening and diagnostics of cancer, lung disease etc.

The current global computer chips shortage has opened an opportunity for Uganda to enter the market as well as create offtake market for mineral value addition.