Productivity Acceleration

This focuses on research, development, technology transfer, and commercialization of innovations aimed at increasing productivity in key areas of the national economy. The goal is to increase output per square meter and per hour, through innovative agricultural mechanization, value addition to produce, innovative inputs and processes, and innovations that enhance the quality of life.

The strategy of Productivity Acceleration is a three-step action that involves:

  1. Step One: Infusion of business mindset into scientists and producers
  2. Step Two: Development of capacity of production teams
  3. Step Three: Increase efficiency of production facilities.

STI has focused on innovations that can support the success of the Parish Development Model. STI is supporting the Africa Institute for Strategic Animal Resources Services and Development (AFRISA) in the validation of the SPEDA Productivity Acceleration tool which turns subsistence households into commercial enterprises. This tool has already been used in some parts of the country such as Ntungamo, Atiak, Sheema, Rushere, Nakasongola, Butalejja among others.

The tool is already delivering results. For example, between February and June 2022, over 136 households in Kaberekeke Parish, Butebo District were recruited, envisioned, skilled, and organized into Enterprise groups of Dairy, Poultry and Piggery. The three enterprise groups willingly formed a SACCO and started saving as little as UGX 3,000 per week. By the end of June 2022, they had saved over UGX 4,000,000 which they have used to test out their Parish loaning system. The community aggregated small pieces of land holdings into over 70 acres of land for establishment of a practical skilling center. STI is working with innovators such as Farasi to catalyze Agricultural Mechanization and Productivity Acceleration.