Call for Expression of Interest National Science Week 2023


The Science, Technology and Innovation Secretariat at the Office of the President (STI-OP)  is planning  to showcase innovations developed in Uganda, during the National Science Week 2023, Scheduled from November 6-11, 2023  at Kololo Independence Grounds, Kampala.

Objectives of the National Science & Technology Week 2023
  1. Connect ordinary Ugandans especially the youth to their roles and benefits in STI. 
  2. Show how STI addresses the Ugandan Struggle (journey to market and wealth creation) & the value chain approach.
  3. Spark minds to identify their space, business, in this evolution. 
  4. Provide a platform for Ugandans to share their product behind the scene story i.e. Ideation to commercialization 
  5. Execute a high quality exhibition about STI transformation and display highly innovative and profession exhibitors. 
The Exhibition Set Up
The exhibitors will be showcasing their innovation journey from ideation to commercialization demonstrating the value chain approach. The Bureaus will unpack their idea to product transformation to various audiences. 
  • Factory set up with different bureaus as department stores (Import/Export)
  • Other bureaus showcasing the journey of ventures selected.
  • Quality & Standardized exhibitors laid out along the value chain position. 
The purpose of this call
The purpose of this call is to request innovators to register  and express interest towards participating in the exhibition during the event. Registered innovations will be vetted by the Bureaus at STI and follow-up steps shall be communicated. 
How to express interest: 
Please complete and submit this online form by 11:59pm on 12th September 2023. In case of any questions, contact 0701525326 or 0789449024 or 0777965265 or 0703820442.
NOTE: You are free to submit for as many innovations as you have. Even if it is still an idea, you can submit it for exhibition.